June 14 Reiki Circle


Well, I have done it.  With both kids now in school full time, I have had some time to focus on the direction I’d like to move with Element Reiki and Yoga. With the addition of yoga (thanks to our very own Sarah Trinler) to my repertoire and our villas staying busy, I felt it time to consolidate and pull most of what I do together and launch a new website.  This will include my blogging and hopefully podcasts of my meditations soon.  It also includes this new and improved beautiful newsletter format to keep us connected and informed of our happenings. Bring it on Mailchimp!

This newsletter is the introduction of my new website to our Reiki circle.  A pre-launch peek.  It is mostly finished and I’m working with our incredible web designer, Eva Garza to finish a few extra details before its complete launch hopefully next week.

If you check out my events page you’ll notice I have added a few things for our Reiki Circle Sunday.  I’m promoting a community meditation circle at the beginning of our Reiki circle.  This is open for anyone to join our meditation, then after, the healers can stay to give and receive healings. If your day allows for more energy, then at 12:30 I’m offering Transformational Healing Yoga for about an hour.

Even though it seems I haven’t been reaching out as much, I have been chipping away at the details and the universe is still showing me that this is my path by bringing me clients and students.  I have been feeling and acknowledging the universe tapping on my shoulder, reminding me of my commitment to the light.

There are many new people in our area who have been reaching out and asking to join our circle.  This is exciting as I have been feeling a new energy coming in. Not just those who want to learn Reiki, but those who already are sharing Reiki and looking for a gentle community of light workers.  I love the diversity and the energy generated by our gatherings.

My focus has always been on the highest vibration of light for the highest good of all.   
If you are inspired to share this message and my website with others, know that only good can come of sharing Reiki with the world.

I hope this finds you all well and zinging with Reiki energy.
In love and service,
Ps- Please let me know if you plan on attending so that I can prepare our space.