Family Time- Our Ritual and Prayer

My husband and I have made a commitment to family time.  We have our usual evening routine (dinner, bath, reading, bed).  At 6:45 we stop what we are doing and we all go into our kids rooms to start family time.
I turn down the lights and put on some nice music and use our Doterra essential oils lotus diffuser (I will blog more about essential oils) with some lavender oil to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere.  I put down four pillows on the floor with our shell full of family crsytals in the middle.
We all pick a crystal to hold as we close our eyes and take three deep breaths.  Then I start our prayer.
"Dear God and all the Angels of Light,  We ask that you bless our family, home and property. We ask that you fill our hearts with love, light and joy.  We ask that you fill our bodies with healing, calming and peaceful energy.  We ask for your guidance and protection.  We send our love to you with gratitude.  Amen.  Let's take a moment to listen to any messages from your angels or your crystal."

Then we open our eyes and share our messages.  We have a family hug and say, "I love my family".  Our boys hug and say, "I love my brother".  Mommy and Daddy hug and we say I love you's all around.  Then the kids get in bed and go to sleep.

Music I recommend and you can find these on itunes :
Golden Bowls of Compassion by Karma Moffett
Om Namaha Shivaya by Robert Gass (everything by him is great)
Liquid Mind

Any gentle soothing music is nice.

Tomorrow I will write a little about the difference between ritual and ceremony. I will share why a bedtime ritual can help your children and families.
Sweet dreams.