"Loved, loved, loved it !! Organized, thoughtful, well paced and feels thorough" ~L. W.


"I had my Reiki I certification for close to 15 years when a friend signed up for her first Reiki Course with Victoria and suggested I retake it with her. I did. Best decision ever! 

Even though i had been pleased with the prior training received, Victoria's course was another level altogether. Her   deep heart felt commitment to hold space for us and to rising of her own frequency for our sacred gathering was humbling. I knew I had found my Reiki Teacher.

I did all courses with her eventually becoming a Reiki Teacher myself. Her teachings and Reiki Initiations have changed my life forever. She is committed to bringing down the purest energy and sharing it with those around."  ~E.G

"Your strength as a teacher has grown to perfection" ~K.M.

"You are very knowledgeable about your practice. I also felt your honesty and genuiness in your beliefs. I appreciate your courage in sharing some of your innermost feelings and spiritual knowledge.  All of that combined made me feel safe to share in ways that normally make me uncomfortable.  I felt a change within myself in several different areas and I am curious to see how I feel a few days from now."  ~P.K.

"I enjoy the laughing" ~E.G

"The pacing of information was great. You lead the meditations beautifully and the group energy deepened my experieince. I felt welcomed and supported which made my opening up to this new experience comfortable and joyous" ~Peter S.

" I was feeling off balance and a little out of touch with life and asked Victoria to do some energy work on me. She asked if she could do a DNA Activation on me. She began working on me and received some information about my being.

The complete activation took five days. Each day I felt a closer relationship with Mother Earth, became more balanced, and my own healing work became cleaner and stronger. It seemed to be one of the steps I needed to help prepare me to make this incredible and joyous change we are experiencing with Mother Earth." ~ E.M.

"Your intuitive sense and knowledge of everyone put the right people together. It has been my great pleasure to learn from you" ~K.J.

"Absolutely amazing! My heart feels like it is going to explode it is so filled with love. Thank you for being there for us throughout this journey. I really felt your love and support and that was so helpful. I loved everything about this weekend." ~C. D.


"My wife and I experienced a horrible two months. Very bad energy had overtaken us, we could hardly move and had no energy. Everyday everything appeared fuzzy and very dark and heavy. This energy was more present in some places in and around the house and property than others. I didn't know what to do as everyday we were having the life sucked out of us.  

I finally called Victoria and she came over. She began clearing all directions and corners of the property. Then we walked to the jungle and began clearing this area, and at that instant all of the jungle and animals became completely silent- almost eerie quiet. Then a big wind came and seemed to blow away this negative force. We cleaned each of the nine rooms in the house and cabins and spa. The energy of our property became cleaner and clearer. But I was not.  

I called Victoria to please come back over and work with me. She began working and the message came to her. She explained how we needed to take away all powers this person had on us and not allow this energy to be present in our lives anymore.
And that was all I had to do to become free of this. Thank you Victoria, you helped to teach us a great lesson on energy." ~E.M.

"Your home is filled with healing energy" ~K.M.

"Victoria is a conduit for the energy of Quan Yin and uses this divine energy in her guided healings. Her studies in Mystery School and close connection with the energy of Spirit also allows her to sense soul intrusion and achieve resolution/extraction." ~ J.A

"Synchronicity placed me in the healing energy of your home and presence in the perfect moment when neither of us was expecting it. You said "you are safe here, this place will bring you healing" and I cried with relief. Words cannot express how grateful I am for my time in your healing sanctuary and how moved I am by the opening of your home, your family and your sharing as a teacher with me. You took the time to listen to what I needed to learn and gave me helpful courses, advice and techniques that I will cherish for life time (or more)."  ~E.G.

"As always, a light bright and airy loving environment and teacher. You have a very loving vibe. You are very accepting and say harmonious things." ~Valerie G.

"Loved the class so much. You are a great Reiki Master. I feel blessed for finding you and sharing this wonderful experience! Thank you." ~M Z.

"I am overwhelmed with love I can't think. I do know that for ever you will be in my heart." ~ E.M.

"Nothing you said or did could have offended, yet you conveyed what imparted meaning and substance" ~G. G.

" I love how you lead meditations! Your voice, pace, imagery, etc. Class flow was good, material covered." ~J.M.

"You have shown me there is still light in the world and I cannot thank you enough. You are a wonderful teacher" ~S.P.