Victoria Hughes, RN, BSN,             Reiki Master Teacher                  Yoga Instructor


35 years experience with conscious energy work.
25 years experience with clients including private clients and clinical hospital patients.
20 years experience with clinical health education teaching and spiritual guidance/teaching.
16 years experience practicing yoga and certified through the International Yoga Alliance to teach Hatha, Ashtanga, Raja, Bhakti, Kundalini, White Tantra and Transformational Healing Yoga.  
All sessions are private and confidential.  
Skype and distant sessions are equally as effective.



As a wife and mother of two boys who have inspired my passion for living a natural and chemical free life, I am of service to empower others on a healing path.  I founded Element Reiki & Yoga to offer workshops, retreats and see private clients.  All programs are designed individually based on the clients and group needs. Our mission is to empower and educate people to heal themselves.

My science degree gave me a strong background in pathophysiology and I use that knowledge to guide the cellular and energetic process. With a career specialty in intensive care I am especially comfortable and prepared to assist clients in personal and physical crisis with severe and chronic conditions.



Born in Bangkok, the subtle influence of the Buddhist and Hindu philosophy and culture became an inherent part of my nature.

As a child I felt especially drawn to and aware of the ethereal world and feeling connected to a protective power of goodness and light.  I was shown how to strengthen this connection and it is the same source today and eternally that resonates within me.

As I began my training in martial arts at age ten, it felt as if this source was guiding me, teaching me and so it was the beginning of a life long journey into understanding energy, the human condition and myself. It introduced me to the concepts of meditation, discipline, self-control, respect and honor.  Through sparring, I learned how to read the energy of my opponent and the environment around me.  I learned my opponent is my mirror.  Through training my body, I learned how to train my mind and that body and mind have a symbiotic relationship that once tapped into and understood can unlock the door to manifestation.

In my early twenties as I was transitioning away from competing in tournaments, I was growing aware that I had been applying my teachings to my life and it helped to deepen a growing spiritual commitment.

As this spiritual commitment and connection was growing, I was fully focused on my career as an intensive care nurse.  Yet, something was missing.  I had a mountain of knowledge and I was saving lives and helping people but I hadn’t become the healer I had envisioned. I wasn’t connecting.  I started having anxiety about aging and the meaning of life.

Then, Source, my teacher, stepped in and introduced me to Reiki. The ability to heal with your hands. I had been accurately reading Tarot cards since I was 18 but this is what I was truly seeking- to be a channel for the divine.

Reiki was THE key that unlocked the spiritual, personal and professional floodgate for me.  I used it every day. I was fortunate enough to be able to use and practice energy healing techniques on thousands of clients with the ability to visualize, assess and gauge the outcome of energy work using modern technology feedback machines and lab work results. I could sense the issues and see them turn up confirmed on MRI’s and CAT scans. It was the proof I needed to keep me motivated and interested in learning everything I could about using and guiding subtle healing energy.

Until now, most of my spiritual training and meditation had been self-taught or spirit guided.  I needed human teachers.  People I could touch. I needed community.

Landing in New York City, I simultaneously dedicated myself to strengthening my knowledge and experience in my nursing career and pursued training in the spiritual healing arts and as an actor.  I was immersed with committed and dedicated people in all fields and I was inspired.

Through the spiritual and acting work I was able to really tap in to and access my true being and started to sense myself from a soul or spirit place. I started connecting.

Studying with many groups and teachers from around the world, the concept of vibration, light and the many levels of the collective conscious became strong and I progressed from sensing energy to understanding and moving energy.

I started guiding and teaching actors and my patients to meditate. They reported phenomenal results in their acting work and in their lives.  People started coming to me as private clients with multi-level spiritual and physical needs.  As I gained more experience, people asked me to teach them what I have discovered.

This brought the awareness and understanding of the law of attraction. The power of observation and reflection / cause and effect which in and of itself offers incredible discoveries and opportunities for growth.

Over the years, I met my husband. We decided on a trek through Nepal to move to Costa Rica and build a dream life. Here we had our two sons.  All the while teaching workshops and growing a community of healers I found myself repeating a phrase in my classes.  The phrase was, “I feel well rounded on my spiritual path. My last spiritual frontier is food”.

Even though I noticed myself repeating this phrase, I did nothing but ponder it and push it away.  One day after eating prepared food for two weeks, I literally opened my eyes and said out loud, “I need to cleanse”.  A few months later we realized that the issues our first son was experiencing had to do with sensory issues, food allergies and leaky gut.

Thus began a new journey, a family path, a path to a natural, non-processed and chemical free life. A true healing journey.  Body, mind and soul. Enter yoga, which I had been practicing for many years as an exercise, suddenly deepened it’s meaning and has now been incorporated into my healing regime.

On this path, we’ve healed ourselves, our family.  We’ve come full circle and we are intended on sharing our journey in hopes that it will give strength to and empower others.