Prayer Wheel Power (Om Mani Padme Hum)

I'm starting to notice a trend in my food intake.  When I consume gluten, I am a little more moody, things get me down a little easier and I'm irritable.  I've only picked up on this because I've eliminated it (but then I will cheat with things like a soft taco this past Saturday!).  A little dairy here and there does not seem to affect me but certainly the gluten. (I will write about the food /diet/chemicals, etc. in another blog).

Today started off as another one of those days where I have little patience, the kids are wired and the husband is out with his brother for the day.  I was getting down on myself, irritable with the kids, etc.  I'm starting to catch on that it is a diet/gluten thing.  Plus I think I'm coming down with something because my belly is a little tender (maybe that flour taco shell) and I feel a little achy.  Let me let myself off the hook every now and again. ;)

I had gotten to the point where I stopped being the referee and let them work it out on their own.  I let them scream, argue, wrestle, pull their covers off the beds and antagonize each other just to see how it would eventually end up.

Right then and there a friend called.  Not just any friend but the perfect friend.  She helped remind me that they are a mirror of my state of mind.  That I'm not grounded so they are not grounded.  I knew this was true but I was caught in that uncontrollable vortex and she helped to bring me out.  She had some great resources that I will get and publish here.  First is conscious language.  How we talk and say things creates our lives.  Second is that when we interfere too much with our children they end up turning against each other in competition for parental love.  The third is something from the Torah which talks about how the children need to learn to honor the parents.  That we must all honor each other.

During all of this, instead of exiting the phone conversation I chose to ignore my kids and let them work it out.  I reminded them to honor my time on the phone, that this conversation is important to me.  Ozzie, my four year old, kept trying to interrupt me and I wouldn't give in.  So he started fussing with our beautiful and precious prayer wheel from Nepal.  At first I started to resist but then he started spinning it and singing "Ohm".  What a beautiful gift.  My children are teaching me and mirroring my teachings back to me.  I love it.  I smiled and honored his sweet soul for such subtle sensitivity.  Yes! Affirming the need to take time to sit and meditate, to ohm and honor that which needs to be honored.  If you click on this link and read about this powerful mantra, prayer wheel and it's significance you'll understand how profound and meaningful an action my four year old son took. I was deeply moved.

While we are on the topic of mantras, I have a small statue of Shiva near the prayer wheel (just now caught the meaning of that) and my favorite mantra of all is "Om Namah Shivaya".  This is an informative site and will take you in multiple directions,


Ozzie ran off moments later and my friend was able to give me a little pep talk and reminded me of all of the wonderful things I do for my family and it really did help that I insisted on a little time for myself.

Right after that another perfect friend called and thanked me for writing my blog.  She said that it helped her feel "normal".  I now had the opportunity to give her a pep talk and gratefully observe the passing of uplifting torches.

I packed up the kids and we went to the beach.  We played in the sand and climbed on the logs.  The kids were getting along and at peace. Their dad and uncle were there and it was a perfect outing.  When we got home I decided to take the afternoon "off".  I was grounded, calm and relaxed. The kids were still "working it out" but I was calm and that made all the difference.  I actually am coming down with something and it was a good excuse to lie around and be cared for by my family.

Our six year old tonight discovered his first loose tooth.  We talked about the tooth fairy and faith.  He was feeling very honored.  The first loose tooth is a very special thing and I asked what he would want from the tooth fairy.  He said, "Something that costs  A LOT of dollars".  So we talked out loud to the tooth fairy and I said that we will have to wait and see what she decides.

I will soon include the book references I mentioned.  Thank you for reading.