Signs of Completion

Blogging can be a very addicting activity.  When I started blogging, all I would think about was what I was going to blog about and then take pictures of what may be relevant.  I had a special file of potential blog pictures.  

My focus at the time was blogging about how Reiki and prayer helped our family and our evening family time.  Then I found myself getting fidgety about the kids taking a really long time to fall asleep because this was cutting into my blogging time.  Every moment of the day that passed I found myself wondering if this was a blog-worthy moment. Or how I could turn something simple into a blog-worthy article.

I was designing my website and was spending a lot of time on the computer.  I was trying to figure out how to sync this and SEO that. I was standing on the cliff of facebook and wondering if I should jump into the sea of pinning, tweeting and instagramming. 

It was blogging me down. 
So, I took a break.
I gathered my thoughts, my energy and waited for a sign.  

The sign blew in and out on the wind like Mary Poppins for a year before I realized that this was my spoon full of sugar, to hire a professional web designer. 
Someone to connect things to other things and help me navigate the abstract world of social media which means I can relax with my children while they fall asleep at night.

This has given me the space to focus on how to relay a heartfelt message to others while staying true to the message itself.

As I was scheduling in writing time for the content of my website, I had been a little anxious to start writing “My Story”.  I was actually procrastinating because I wasn’t fully connected to the way it sounded the first time around and I had been waiting for the perfect moment to re-work it.
I took the whole day while the kids were in school to settle on the couch and tell “My Story”. I read my story to my husband and I surprisingly paused at certain places to hold back tears.  When I was finished reading, my husband said that it was perfect and as he left the room I let down and cried.

The gradual buildup and release was very subtle yet ended quite profoundly and quietly. It felt perfect and I feel ready again to share with the world.

Read the story here