November 8 Reiki Circle

Dear Reiki Family,

There will NOT be a Reiki Circle for this month of November.

I have a close friend who just found out her cancer has metastasized and she has just been scheduled for surgery this Thursday.  She is very scared and depressed. We are going to San Jose to be supportive.
She is a very private person so I will not mention her name but if you feel called to send some very kind and loving energy to her, I know it will be graciously received.

This Sunday morning, I will take some time to hold space in honor of our sacred healing circle.  You can join anytime you like to add some extra goodness to our circle and into the universe.  You can honor this time by sending Reiki, giving Reiki to yourself or another, sitting in silence, a conscious walk or any other way that you choose to hold space.

I hope this finds you all well and zinging with Reiki energy.  
In love and gratitude,