September 13 Reiki Circle

This Sunday, September 13 is our monthly Reiki circle from 9-12 at incredible Solfeggio in Platanillo followed by an optional pot luck lunch.
My husband and I have been in Costa Rica for almost ten adventurous years.  I met Dina through my parents when we first arrived here.  I was pregnant and struggling with inhabiting my body more fully than ever before so I wasn’t much of a conversationalist at the time. I remember one day as a group we went to El Pavon for dinner and I think I spent the whole afternoon with my head on the table as everyone else gabbed away (which was fine by me).  Looking back I think that the first impressions I was making must not have been very friendly and didn’t represent me well.  At the time, I was so grounded in my body that I didn’t care what people thought and for the first time I was being present in my body and in my current truth.  Being locked into my body was difficult for me, it took time for me to surrender these new sensations of supporting life physically and energetically.  Being locked into and surrendering to my truth at the time was liberating. To this day it has been one of life’s great lessons and when I feel the need to be true to myself and honor my needs (and the needs of my children and family) I call upon that time and surrender.
Over time, Dina and I have discovered many things that we have in common. Our commitment to our spiritual path has been the strongest that we share.  She offered great comfort to me in the days when I was discovering a spiritual path to mothering (because quite frankly the “societal” path felt wrong and was completely ineffective for my crystal child and my rainbow child).  We shared and supported our growth as Reiki / Qi Gong / energy practitioners.
I started the Reiki circles and meditation groups eight years ago because there were no other healing groups that I knew of and I needed a healing community. There has been an incredible amount of growth here in the past eight years and the healing community has become diverse and rich full of generous healers who offer so many modalities.
A common vision that Dina and I share is to bridge the distance gap between healers and groups by occasionally holding our healers circle in Platanillo at her space.
This is an invitation to all healers who feel called to commune with us as we hold sacred space for the purpose of raising the vibration within ourselves and on the planet.
Please RSVP so we know how to prepare our space.
If you are staying for lunch then bring something to offer. You are welcome to share this email.
I hope this finds you all well and zinging with Reiki energy.  
In love and gratitude,

Directions to Solfeggio
From Dominical Area
As you begin to enter Platanillo
There's a major dirt road on Left, San Juan de Dios Rd.
(There is a bus stop on the corner and 2 large, flat dirt areas on either side of the road.)
Travel approximately 2 kilometers, the road will drop down & bend majorly to the right
At the apex of this corner, on the Left is a wood sign "Cacao Ridge"
Take Cacao Ridge Rd. and travel approximately 1.4 kilometers
(On the right is a bamboo hedge. This is the beginning of the property.)
There are 2 entrances to Solfeggio, both have stone columns and bamboo gates.
1st entrance is the parking area. (There's a tall, thin red dragon flag at the entrance.)