Lemon Grass Tea at Bedtime and for Everything Else.

Tonight for family time we gathered in mommy and daddy's room to listen to and watch the thunder and lightning storm.  Not the usual ritual but it's Friday night!!  Kids went upstairs with daddy as I gathered our essential oils and cups of our evening lemon grass tea.  When I got upstairs, everyone was already in bed, with the lights out.  I said, "oh no, we didn't drink our tea yet". My six year old, Oliver, got out of bed and said, "Well it's ok, we can drink our tea tomorrow.".  Then he stopped in his tracks and looked at the lightning and said, "Is it Christmas?".

We laughed together.  It was the cutest thing. Earlier that evening he went out on the balcony and yelled out to Santa Claus his wish list.  Yelled it to the sky, then walked right back in fully satisfied that he had been heard.

I said our usual prayer as the kids were tickling each other and my husband fell asleep.  I was starting to get a little irritated because nobody was listening to me or honoring the prayer/ritual.  Then I had to remind myself that this is why we started our family time.  To bring more joy and laughter into our family and ease the sibling rivalry of our two sons.  And here they were, husband easing off into dream land (I ask for a deep sleep full of sweet dreams and for love, light and joy to fill our hearts) and the boys were laughing and tickling and full of joy.  I am content and smile.

As for Lemon Grass Tea, we grow it in our garden and it is prolific.  We originally started growing it because we love to make Thai food.  Then more recently I started chopping it up and brewing it for tea.  I wanted to start drinking it consciously and be present and aware of it's specific properties so I looked up the benefits of lemon grass tea.

This tea is everything our family needs right now and forever.  I think it is what everyone needs.

Lemon grass tea helps with many aspects of digestion and digestive issues. It has been shown to be a mild pain reliever (helping with headaches) and fever reducer.   It is a mild sedative and helpful before bed to aid in sleep. It is an antioxidant and an anti-fungal (to help combat candida overgrowth).

Fighting the candida is the main reason we are drinking it right now but it has so many other helpful and beneficial properties that I wanted to share Lemon Grass Tea with you.

I found this link below and it gives a thorough explanation of Lemon Grass.