What is Reiki and What Does it Feel Like?

Reiki is a Japanese word that literally means "universally guided life force energy".  It is not Japanese or associated with any religion or dogma.  It is literally just a description of the specific energy itself.  The energy comes  from THE source of goodness and love...God...higher power.  Whatever term you feel comfortable with is your choice.

When you are attuned by a Reiki Master to this pure and high vibrational energy it flows through you for the rest of your life.  You become a channel for this pure and gentle energy.  It runs through you and you can use it on yourself and others at anytime or any place.  It is a protective energy because it is channeled through your heart. It protects you and the work you do.

The attunement connects or attunes you directly to the energy and it immediately starts to flow.  Many things happen energetically during an attunement.  Your crown chakra is opened and the kundalini energy starts to rise from the earth or your base chakra. It helps to assimilate your energy better and raise your vibration to attune to the higher vibration of Reiki or the pure love universally guided life force energy.

Reiki has many ways of expressing itself.  Your hands may get warm or cool. You may feel tingles.  Sometimes your stomach gurgles.  You may see colors.  The color of Reiki is usually seen as green.  I've seen it around people as greenish/whitish.  Schedule a healing session with a Reiki practitioner and feel for yourself.

As I was giving my son Reiki tonight I asked him what it feels like and he said, "It feels like Archangel Michael".  Wow!  That explains all the purplish and blue color at my third eye when I am giving a Reiki attunement or just meditating.  I just thought it was the high vibrational color of purple at my third eye. A lot of my questions have now been answered and more have just been posed.

Children can teach us so much.  They are so open and honest.  I am now working on a program to teach Reiki to children.  My own children are serving as the perfect guides for me.  I must find a way to truly honor them.