Our Family Time Tonight and Archangel Micheal

I was asked by a fellow healer and his wife to perform a blessing ceremony for their newborn baby today.  It was such an honor.  I got some very clear and beautiful messages which I passed on to her parents.  Plus I got to hold this new little light being and remember my experiences with my own two sons. 

This blessing is surrounding the baby with a protective field of energy and assisting in grounding her to earth. I use some gentle crystals and she was holding one of my fingers tightly, so I tried placing my Archangel Micheal crystal in her other hand which she kept throwing.  It was very cute and I got the message.  She was following another angel. 

This evening in family time, my older son (who is especially sensitive and empathic) helped me to set up our space.  He put the crystals in the center of our circle and immediately picked up my Archangel Micheal crystal and said that he wanted this one because it's so powerful.  It's Archangel Micheal.  It stopped me to think if I had mentioned that this week.  Maybe quickly, but in the whole bowl, he went straight to that one. The one I was using earlier with a baby.

As we were sharing our experiences (my four year old was running around the room, making noises and trying to be distracting- everything in divine order).  My six year old said that his message from Micheal is, "I want my babies to be happy".

We asked him if he meant his own babies someday or the babies of the world.  Then he said something profound (which now I can't remember, which is why I wanted to start journaling our family time because our children are relaying some really beautiful insights), then he asked what he originally said. At this point the younger one threw a stuffed animal and it bounced off the older one's face.  We thought, "uh-oh". But then the six year old said, "I have a shield" and went on sharing.

Micheal is often depicted with a sword and shield.  I don't know if I've ever talked about that with my son but he spoke of it so naturally.  He had a hard time falling asleep and I said, "use your shield'.  Within five seconds, he was asleep.

I feel it is my duty as a mother to help my sons protect and preserve their innate sensitivities.
More on this tomorrow...sweet dreams.