More on Archangel Micheal and A Special Prayer

Today is about Oz.  He's four years old.  He started off the day dropping the ipad and the screen went blank.  After awhile, I was able to reset it and now it's working fine.  Then he peed in his brother's bed.  You can see where this is going.  Crying for attention, needing to be affirmed, to feel loved and accepted, etc.  I'm worried.

We ended up getting out of the house most of the day on a playdate and the kids had a lot of fun together.  We got home and he was melting down.  Cried through dinner, cried through his bath, but eased up during family time.  He wanted the Micheal crystal tonight. We said our prayer and tonight we focused our prayers on Oz.  Helping him feel loved and adored in our family.  I asked if he wanted to sit with me but he wanted to sit with his brother.  He was starting to feel better and then got in the center of our small circle. We held the crystals and smelled our Doterra essential oils (amazing stuff).  He initiated the "I love you's" and also said, "I love you Ozzie". I asked him to ask his angels for help and guidance in his life and he did.  That gave me a great feeling of comfort and relief.

The rule about angels is that they are there to help, but you must ask!!  As a mother we can ask for our child but it is better to teach them that they can ask for themselves.

As the kids were falling asleep, I usually lie with Oz and tonight I sent him Reiki above his heart.  I connected with Archangel Micheal and asked that any negativity be released from Oz and to help him heal and to help me help him.  I saw a deep cobalt blue color all around him which I focused on and wondered about and then I heard, "Don't worry, he's going to be fine.  He's just tired.  Let him sleep".  Then he fell asleep.

I know Micheal very well but instead of writing from my own heart and knowledge, I went to google (which you should do because there is so much about him in so many beautiful ways).  I'm glad I did because there were specific messages for me that brought me to tears.  The messages were there to affirm my belief, my path and my purpose.  On one of the sites it listed several signs to know that Micheal is really communicating with you and one of them is the presence of a deep cobalt blue color.  Another is you may find a feather.  Oz found a bunch of feathers today and as I was reflecting on that, there happened to be a little feather right next to me on the couch!  So many signs that the angels and God are with us every step of the way.  We have to learn how to listen...and ask.  Ask for signs that you are able to recognize.

Micheal is considered one of the top archangels.  He is a warrior of light and truth.  He is here to protect us.  He uses his sword and shield of light to fight against evil.  They say he is closest to God and that is the meaning of his name. Micheal has been mentioned in the book of Daniel as "a great prince who stands up for the children of your people".  It's no wonder that Micheal has been a very strong presence in our family time.

This is a wonderful and simple way to call upon or pray to Archangel Micheal.  You can use this to clear yourself, others, your space, property or anything you think needs clearing of negative energy.  As you say it, visualize it:.

"I call upon the presence of Archangel Micheal to use your sword of light to clear (what/who you want to clear) of all negative energies around (what/who) in all directions and all levels of existence.
Put your tube of light around (what/who) and when (what/who) are clear, escort these energies into the fifth dimension to be transmuted to another form of light.
Close up (my,our,their) aura to all beings except of my higher self, my guides and guardians and the Christ Consciousness.  Amen."