Back to Reiki...again.

I have veered off topic for a little while, and that will happen, but I have been thinking a lot about Reiki, our children and our family time and how it shifts and changes and sometimes stays the same.

Our family time started out strong (and it still is).  Same time every night and same routine and prayer.  But then it got a little stale and the kids were getting more and more out of control.  So we started doing things differently.  Maybe a book, then prayer or maybe everyone in our bed for family time, sometimes crystals, sometimes Reiki, always a prayer and family "I love you's".  Even though the kids were still asking for family time, it was becoming a little bit of a chore for us (mom and dad) and an excuse (for the kids) to giggle themselves silly until we had to rein them in and turn out the lights.

The more and more things start going a little haywire the more I start looking for reasons.  Is something out of balance physically or spiritually?  Did they have too much sugar before bed?  Where is Reiki to help us?  Where is God and the angels when we need them?

We had been insisting the children sit on the floor with us and pick a crystal but it was starting to get problematic so the crystals became optional.  One night when Uncle Scott was visiting for three weeks, the kids were really tired and we almost forgot family time.  But then we went into their room and let them get into their beds to relax while the three adults sat and channeled Reiki and said our prayer.  The kids were asleep before we were finished.  It seemed to help, to let them get into their own beds and relax that way while we modeled good meditation behaviour.

So now, we say our "I love you's" first, then our family hug, then the kids get into bed while daddy and me sit in meditation channeling Reiki and then we say our prayer.  I let them know we are channeling Reiki and I talk about how it feels and guide them to take easy breaths.

I have noticed that when we start by channeling Reiki and getting ourselves centered first, the children start relaxing.  The other night my four year old was holding his hands up too.  It was so cute.  Once we are calm (and Reiki has made a big difference with that), then we say our prayer and we stay with the kids until they are asleep.

The interesting thing is that we veered away from Reiki a little bit in our family time (just like I veered away from it a bit in my posts and sometimes in life) but when I remember to come back to it (or somebody else reminds me), it is always there for us, stronger than ever.  Showing us gently and lovingly, like a patient and accepting mother that Reiki is always available and is always the most prominently effective energy that we use.