Psychic Waterslide

After two days of clouds and rain, the sun came out.  We have some new friends who invited us over to their house today.  I was getting the kids ready and explaining that we are visiting some new friends and going to their house to go swimming.  After a few minutes Oliver started talking about the water slide.  I said that I don't think they have one but we'll see when we get there.  Oliver kept talking about this water slide and then his little brother started talking about it.

When we got to their house, there was no water slide.  Oz asked me about it, but Oliver did not.

As we were taking a tour of this beautifully creative home we went upstairs to the master bedroom and there before our eyes was a...water slide!

Actually it was a large (man-made) rock lined riverbed waterfall/waterfountain sliding down across the room and down to the first floor as a water fall.  Incredibly beautiful and creative.  It stopped me in my tracks.  Oliver jumped right into it and gave me that, "Aha! Now this is what I was talking about." look.