God Has Really Clean Clothes

Our kids as of late have been hearing and experimenting with "bad words".  They are also savvy enough to change them slightly so they are not officially "bad words".  For instance, when they started saying, "What the f***"...that's right... thanks to the school yard!  I said, how about, "What the fa-lafel".  We continue to laugh about that and everytime I share that story with someone new there's more laughter and nice little comments of how clever I am. ; -)
Thanks to You Tube tutorials my kids have found about Minecraft (affectionately known as Mind Crack to parents of kids who are addicted to this game), they have learned a slew of other inappropriate words that their teachers occasionally call us about.
So tonight during a tantrum, my younger son called me a "Bit".  Thinking he was cleverly leaving off the "ch".  When his father said, "what?", Ozzie called him a "Bit".  Bedtime.

This created space for my older son and myself to have a nice evening of talking and learning about things like the La Brea Tar Pits, fossils, ancient times and God.
I lied next to him as he was falling asleep.  We were whispering our I love you's.  To teach them the power of our words, every night we say, "I love our family, I love mommy, I love daddy, I love my brother, I love myself, I love God and I love the angels".

I told him that he can set intentions in his dreams.  He told me his dreams are kind of funny that there are people in his dreams that are alone. I told him he could go anywhere and see anything in his dreams.  I asked if he wanted to fly with the angels and he said he wanted to see God.  I asked if he's seen God before and he said that it's really hard to see God's face.  He said that God has really clean clothes.

"Yeah, I'm going to see God tonight.  Oh, we forgot something.  We forgot to say I love heaven".