Something Special about Gold

I must recount this incredibly intuitive story before I forget it.  The gold around my son's neck is not just bling. A few weeks ago as I was sleeping he was going through my nice jewelry and woke me up to show me this beautiful necklace he had found and put on.  I immediately said he needed to take it off because it is very special to me, that my mother gave it to me and it is not a toy.  He told me that he will be very careful with it because he needed it.  That it is very powerful for him and he needs it.  So, with a deep breath and knowing my son knows himself well, I obliged and allowed him to wear it.  I thought he would take it off soon because he has never worn any necklace for more than a little while.

By now he had been wearing it for more than a day and was very careful with it.  He kept telling me that it is beautiful and powerful and that he needs it.  So after a little over a day I decided to look up the energetic properties of gold and by golly, he did need it!!

Gold is helpful in preventing spiritual corrosion and bringing in good and protective energies.  It represents an element of the sun and brings in sun and heat energies.  It helps in neurological conditions, heart and skin conditions.

My son had a raging rash around his neck that was moving down his arms (heart meridian) and he has leaky gut syndrome which has caused a neuro-sensory processing issue and he also has a mild autoimmune allergy response to the sun!!

He wore this necklace very carefully for more than a week and stopped thinking about it as his rash started going away.  He knew exactly what he needed and draped the most gold possible around his neck. What an incredible testament to this new generation of special light being children. They know exactly what they need. These children are choosing their parents so let's listen to them.

As we were going through my jewelry box again, he choose some gold rings (more relics passed to me from my mother) for me.

I am now consciously and gratefully wearing these rings and as I noticed the one with the hands in the shape of a heart I realized how much meaning and reminders it has for me personally.  I thanked my son for his guidance.

 Love to all in all directions.