Support and Websites for Conscious Parenting

I have felt like a lone crusader on this path of conscious parenting.  Not a lot of people or professionals out there speaking my language so I not only wanted to document my journey and to leave a legacy to my children but to provide some resources to other people out there who are interested in the spiritual and social/emotional care of their children.

So tonight I am going to list a few websites to peruse.  I felt like I've hit the a global sense.  Many thanks to so many local people who have said the right thing at the right time.

First off, I am a Reiki Master and I teach a lot of Reiki and other healing and spiritual modalities.  A year ago I was asked to teach Tae Kwon Do to children and I especially love it because it is a way for me to incorporate the concept of energy principles.  Because of that, I have been working on a program to teach Reiki to children.  This has lead me to realize that I am supposed to be working with and assisting the evolution of the new world children and their parents.

More importantly, it all starts at home.  My own children are so incredibly sensitive and psychic that I must nurture them spiritually.  I find myself as a parent falling into old patterns when tired and stressed and my intention is to create a new model for my children, the new generation. I feel we need support and company on this path.

If you'd like a better idea of what I'm talking about then check out Suzy Miller.  There are some video interviews of her and she explains it so eloquently. Plus she has a comprehensive program to follow if you are new to this or need a path.

We have been blessed with so many signs and gifts of the spirit this year (and always) and I am filled with gratitude and hope. 

Hold the intention of seeing only love and that is what you'll see.

A little journaling note so I don't forget.

..we have been working on healing Ozzie's skin for awhile (my 4 year old).  He is prone to bug bites and scratches them raw. We live in the rainforest so it has been a constant battle (although now that I put it in writing, I'm going to change my thoughts about that and see him as continuously healed). Our accupuncturist recommended a homeopathic remedy called Apis to help relieve ithcing (and also whining which has been a bit of an issue so I have been religious about this remedy).  We've also been applying arnica cream.  His bites have gotten better and tonight as we were falling asleep he told me that his skin is getting better.  He has never mentioned his skin before.  It's so interesting how and when our kids open up and share their thoughts and insights.  When he was two, he fell out of bed and broke his collar bone.  I felt this was the problem because of the way he was holding his arm.  Then he finally said, "Mommy, I'm broken.".  An x-ray proved him right.

I myself have a bionic sense of smell.  It's related to my intuition.  Since we have been on the GAPS diet and purifying ourselves further, his sense of smell is becoming heightened.  He asks to smell everything. It's how he is processing information right now.

My older son Oliver has been talking about his dreams.  He told us a few weeks ago how he was flying over his body and then went into his blankets.  Then today he told me he was hanging from a rock in a waterfall and then went into a cave behind the waterfall.

If any of you have an ipad there is a great app called "story maker" by Super Duper.  Check it out.  Your kids can make a book using photos and other added pictures and then narrate them.

With love.